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Environmental Building Science, Inc.
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Environmental Building Science Inc. is dedicated to ecology and the preservation and cleaning of the environment. To accomplish this mission, we will supply our customers with superior quality products that are environmentally responsible. In doing so, our goal is to generate long-term customer loyalty and help protect the Earth and the oceans.Environmental Building Science Inc., based out of Richmond, B.C., just minutes from Vancouver Airport, brought its product Oil Lift™ to the market barely five years ago and already it has grown internationally. EBS sells through its distributors across America, the ECM and the Far East Environmental Building Science Inc., the manufacturer of a number of powerful and environmentally safe cleaning products, is actively involved with numerous watershed groups throughout the world and promotes to its retailers the urgent need to protect the streams, rivers and lakes in their community. Part of its training program is to inform retailers and their staff of the devastating effects of the thousands of minor oil leaks that find their way into local waterways. Oil Lift cleans these stains without harm to people, pets, fish, plants and property.


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