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Lift™ Graffiti,Ink & Goo Remover
  • Lift™ Graffiti,Ink & Goo Remover

Lift™ Graffiti,Ink & Goo Remover

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Lift Graffiti,Ink & Goo Remover is a plant based replacement for all the toxic graffiti removers made from petroleum and orange smelling chemicals. What makes it really unique is it removes ink as well as paints in layers so you have much more control and a larger range of capability. Unlike petroleum solvent removers it has a long dwell time making removal jobs easier for crews by letting the remover do the work while they are attending to other jobs. When used in combination with our Shield-it protective coating a complete program for virtually every surface and building can be easily implemented there by significantly reducing costs and making life much less complicated for workers as well as protecting their health.
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